Welcome to the home of Ghost Bandits Attack!
Shifting Focus To Marketing
2016-11-21 22:44:00

As you may have noticed, I haven't reported much on the development for Ghost Bandits Attack. I have been focusing more on getting the word out to hopefully let people know of this game's existence and maybe convince them to try out the app. I still plan on continuing development on the game but only if it can get a certain number of downloads or feedback. If it can't reach that goal, I'll probably start development on another game and come back to this one after I finish the new game.
Multi-Touch Implementation
2016-08-07 08:32:42
After much pressure from my play testers, I have implemented multi-touch functionality to the game. You can now defeat multiple ghosts are the same time. But I found out that it made the whole game easier! Going to have to do a few tweaks all over the place to balance things out, like maybe increase each ghost's HP or maybe even make them spawn faster.
GUI Optimizations
2016-08-01 20:39:52

I spent most of my time today optimizing the UI, trying to make it more responsive. I decided to separate everything into Canvases instead of assigning each UI to a separate scene. Responsiveness shot up 100%! It only slightly lags when entering the game mode, but I'd rather not put every single thing in one scene; that's going to eat up so much RAM and make everything unmanageable.
Boss Bullets
2016-07-25 19:50:59

So now the Boss can fire time reducing bullets towards the player. Testing it out, I discovered that I didn't like how I barely had any time to destroy the bullets during gameplay. To create a delay I'm going to move the collider, the one that determines a hit has been registered, a little bit to give it some time before it hits and reduces the player's time.
Boss Ghost Death Animation
2016-07-10 20:30:43

I just completed animating the boss ghost death sequence! I tried rigging it so that it would bend backwards while dying but it didn't look so good. I also found out that Unity can be a bit picky if you have some stray points on your envelop weights
Programming One of the Boss Phases
2016-04-25 15:14:46

I'm now working on programing each of the Boss' phases, starting with the "peek-a-boo" phase. I've laid out markers for each location I want the Boss ghost and its clone to appear in. The cubes are just there for my convenience. They won't be present in the final build. In case anyone is wondering, that long grey rectangle at the top is the Boss' HP bar. I've since resized and changed its location on the screen. I'll apply a texture to it eventually.
The Game
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