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V1.1.0 Update
2016-10-09 22:05:10
• Adjusted one of the Yellow Ghost's HP from 6 to 5 to make it consistent
• Remove complements, now players get coins depending on how many ghost they've defeated
• Critical Line has now been renamed Bonus Point Area
• Bonus Point Area is marked at the beginning of the game
• You can earn coins by defeating a ghost in the Bonus Point Area
• Coins now appear on stage periodically
• Interstitials no longer appear automatically during game overs, making for a better play experience
• A store has been created where you can buy items
• New items include: Second Chance, +30 Secs, and Unlocking the Boss Battle
• Second Chance allows you to keep going, even if a ghost crosses the line, by eliminating all the ghost on the field
• +30 secs allows you to continue even if you run out of time by giving you another 30 seconds on the clock
• You can watch video ads to earn in-game currency
• tweaked the system that complements you when you defeat X number of ghosts. Now you're given coins instead for defeating a certain amount of ghosts
• Game over screen has been redesigned to appear less cluttered
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